Problem Spotting vs. Problem Solving

Problem solving is a highly sought after skill in business and life. If you are in the field of education, it is vital to your success. Having been a teacher for 8 years including a pandemic year, I know the importance of problem solving to our daily tasks. It is not an easy skill toContinue reading “Problem Spotting vs. Problem Solving”

Big Goals Break Your Side Hustle

“I want to make a million dollars” just may be the most common goal among new entrepreneurs. Whether you are new to the side hustle space, or you’ve been at it for years, big goals are talked about often. There is a trend among the driven and motivated to set big goals. Then, we declareContinue reading “Big Goals Break Your Side Hustle”

Optimism in 7 Steps

Optimism is a difference maker. An optimistic viewpoint allows you to make the most of every situation. It’s a provider of hope and a button presser for motivation. All of us are predisposed to either lean towards optimism or pessimism. However, optimistic tendencies can be practiced and mastered. If you want to produce a moreContinue reading “Optimism in 7 Steps”