Know Your Customer Experience

How well do you know your customer experience? Can you tap into their lived experience, needs, and hopes? Do you have a deep understanding of the role your product plays in their life? Often, salespeople are entirely focused on the product they hope to sell. They memorize the selling points, comparisons to competitors, and priceContinue reading “Know Your Customer Experience”

Big Goals Break Your Side Hustle

“I want to make a million dollars” just may be the most common goal among new entrepreneurs. Whether you are new to the side hustle space, or you’ve been at it for years, big goals are talked about often. There is a trend among the driven and motivated to set big goals. Then, we declareContinue reading “Big Goals Break Your Side Hustle”

3 Resolutions for Your Side Hustle

Every year, we discuss the dangers of resolutions. (Read more about that here) Haphazardly setting resolutions will often lead to a crash. However, if you are to set some goals for the new year, these 3 items will skyrocket your side hustle. As you read through this list, make it a reality. Create a planContinue reading “3 Resolutions for Your Side Hustle”

Side Hustle Teacher Gifts

Happy holidays to all my side hustle teacher friends! This post is meant to help you with a quick, but vital reflection on your work this past year and your plan for the coming year. What gifts are you giving with your service? Your immediate thought might be… “Gifts? This isn’t a charity, it’s aContinue reading “Side Hustle Teacher Gifts”