The Burnout Buster Pack


The Burnout Buster Pack is a series of digital products designed by burnout researcher, Dr. Kevin Leichtman. It includes the following downloadable products:

  1. The Burnout Ice Pack – A short, easy to read e-book that will introduce you to burnout as a concept in the education field. It has several activities to help you cool off your burnout.
  2. The 28 Day Burnout Challenge – This challenge maps out 28 days (4 weeks) of dedicated activities and strategies that will help you reduce burnout, and keep it from coming back!
  3. The Basics of Burnout: Understanding Burnout to Beat it – This video presentation details the Leichtman Burnout Cycle. Understanding the burnout cycle, as published in his dissertation, is vital to overcoming feelings of burnout.

*There are no physical products with this package. All three items are downloads and may be downloaded at any time upon purchase.*