The 28 Day Burnout Busting Challenge


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Tired of feeling burned out? I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel like you always have more to do and at the same time, like you’ve given all you possibly can. I’ve blown off friends, family, and passion projects to bury myself in a job, only to find that it was never enough. I know the exhaustion of wanting to excel for the people you serve, all while being micromanaged and beat down by the job I once loved.

I was so hurt by the burnout I faced as a teacher. I took to research, writing a dissertation on burnout just so I could understand what was happening to me and my fellow teachers. Once I obtained my PhD, I knew it would become my mission to help others with what I learned. And here is the truth…

Pushing through burnout is hard, but taking steps to beat it is even harder!

But I believe you can do it. More importantly, I believe that YOU DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY. No matter what your work circumstance is, it should never have the power to control your health and well-being.

If you are ready to reclaim your health, this 28 Day Challenge is the first step. Sign up today, do the first activity, and start on your path to real, positive change.

You may be saying that it’s your job’s fault and they need to change. However, if you are burned out, you will never have the health or the energy to advocate for real, positive change. Take the challenge, restore your health, and put yourself in a position to advocate for instead of put up with.

You can do this! Sign up now and get to work on your own well-being.