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Mental Edge

Educators need a #MentalEdge now more than ever! Research has highlighted what educators have known all along, that mindset makes the difference in school and life. Most teachers want to implement a focus on mindset in their classroom but do not have the tools, resources, or guidance to do so.

This book gives educators a specific framework to build on. Take the guesswork out of mindset and create a system of intentional practice that will ensure better results. Along with the great tools and resources for your students, it has an entire chapter dedicated to teachers. Learn the top methods in reducing burnout, increasing the effectiveness in self-care, and renewing the passion and dedication you have for the field.

Written by two real teachers, Drs. Kevin and Anala Leichtman, this book is written for the busy teacher. Easy-to-implement action steps with no fluff make this book a powerful resource!

Not convinced? Check out a sample chapter and see how a #MentalEdge can elevate your teaching practice!