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Hire Us!

Whether you are looking for a book study, professional development, or a speaker for your staff, students, parents, and community, we have you covered!

Why hire us? Because you want a results-driven program led by experienced educators with 15+ years of research backing their work.

How to Hire Us

Hire us by filling out the form and providing some context and background for your school. We will collaborate with you to determine the budget, scope of work, and desired results.

This is a business driven from research, experience, and heart. We know that our success can only come from your school’s success.

Our Services

We are thrilled to serve your school with several options!

Book Studies: We offer bulk pricing AND free study guides. Author visits/virtual visits also available.

Need a mindset boost? Teacher’s Guide to the Mental Edge shows educators how to leverage sports and educational psychology to maximize the results of their students. It includes 10+ powerful SEL lessons along with valuable strategies to reduce burnout and anxiety to increase the performance of teachers and students alike!

Looking to improve the equity and classroom management strategies of your school? We have the PERFECT read for you. The Perfect Ten: Ten Students, Ten Mindsets, One New Definition of Perfection utilizes the voices of actual students to discuss their experiences in school. Through their narratives of the barriers that were created throughout their education, your staff will reflect and better understand the impact of their classroom management strategies.

Professional Development / Speaking Engagements: We have solutions for every budget and have experience presenting to faculty, school leaders, parents, and students!

Bring Drs. Leichtman into your school and tap into our over 15 years of teaching experience, including every grade level from 7th-12th and college undergraduate and graduate students. We taught in the pandemic and are relevant and in touch with the needs of today’s educator. We combine that experience with years of research, ensuring the effective communication of best practices with easy to implement resources.

Here is a current list of trainings and speaking topics to select from:

  • Burnout Prevention and Reduction (for new teachers, whole staff, or school leadership)
  • SEL Instruction, Methods, and Best Practices
  • Instilling a Growth Mindset Culture (range of presentations for teachers, students, school leadership, and/or parents)
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (theory and methods)
  • New Teacher Induction, Mentorship, and Retention (trainings for new teachers and for their mentors / coaches / and department heads)
  • Classroom Management Hacks

And more!

We pride ourselves in partnering with every school to ensure the most effective topics are being used for the context and needs of the school. Our expectation is to meet with a school leader prior to our training / speaking event to understand those needs and bring your school’s common language and themes into our work.

Curriculum / Online Programs

We are grateful for the opportunity to provide curriculum and PD through digital resources. Here are our current offerings!

The Winning Mindset Master Course – Bring in the powerful SEL digital curriculum that has impacted thousands of students around the country. This program offers 36 weeks and over 50+ activities to engage in dedicated SEL practice. It takes the guesswork out of SEL and gives an accessible framework for teachers and students to engage in.

The Burnout Buster Pack – Are you worried about teacher turnover? Do your educators seem burned out? This three pack will give them the tools to break their burnout and get back to the love they had for the profession. Included: A 28 day challenge (great for whole school participation), an easy to read E-book, and a pre-recorded training presentation.

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