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About Course

The Go-to course for educators to build and grow a business or side hustle in the education space!

Course Curriculum

Introduction – Start Here!
Everything you need to get the most out of this course!

  • Read This First!

Module 1 – Taking Your First Step
This module will help you decide what type of business or side hustle bests suits your strength. It will set a foundation for you to balance your time and energy as you venture into new territory.

  • Module Intro
  • Demystifying the Process
  • Intro to the Business World
  • Choosing Your Path
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Plan of Attack
  • Stacking the Deck
  • Fueling Your Passions with Your Business

Module 2 – Content Creation
Aligning your content with your branding and monetization goals. This will help you maintain authenticity as you build the framework of your business or side hustle.

  • Module Intro
  • Planning Your Content
  • Packaging Your Content
  • Maximizing Your Content
  • Building Marketable Content
  • Editing Your Content

Module 3 – Monetization
This module will help you determine your best revenue streams and how to build in the direction that will benefit you and your audience with the most value.

  • Module Intro
  • Payment Pathways
  • What Should I Charge?
  • How Will I Charge?
  • Pricing to Offerings

Module 4 – Marketing
This module will help you get your name, your brand, or your idea to the people who can either purchase or connect you to purchasers for your offerings.

  • Module Intro
  • Creating a Brand
  • Positioning
  • Growing and Nurturing a Following
  • Freebies & Promos

Module 5 – Sales
How to overcome the obstacles of selling your product without feeling "salesy" or undervaluing your work.

  • Module Intro
  • Redefining Your Sales Confidence
  • Tracking Leads
  • Closing Sales
  • Delivering on Your Promises
  • From Sales to Testimonials

Module 6 – Balance
Automation, habit building, scheduling, and utilizing various tools and resources to ensure that your side hustle doesn't burn you out.

  • Module Intro
  • Time Efficiency
  • Goal Setting That Fits Your Reality
  • Front Loading vs. Consistency
  • Prioritizing Work and Life
  • Creating a Journey Instead of a Business

Bonus Resources!

  • Side Hustle / Business Ideas
  • Freebie / Promo Resources
  • Automation Secrets (coming soon)