The Value of an E-Book

I started playing with the new Canva presentation feature and it is loaded with awesome options! To give it a real test, I’m using it to create a free training on creating E-books. I’ll give you some valuable information here, but make sure you join the EduCashIn facebook group to see the full training! E-booksContinue reading “The Value of an E-Book”

The Journey to Edupreneurship #4: My First BIG Sale

In the last blog post, I detailed how Anala and I made a “six month success sprint.” We were able to start from scratch and create an entire curriculum, e-book, and coaching program while balancing the many responsibilities we had in our life. In that time, we were trying to think long term in buildingContinue reading “The Journey to Edupreneurship #4: My First BIG Sale”

The Journey to Edupreneurship #3: The Six Month Success Sprint

In the last post in this series, I detailed the events that led to my wife and I becoming the directors of Academic Mindset. After many failures in building a sustainable side hustle, I had finally found the path to a real opportunity. I had no idea where that path would lead me, but IContinue reading “The Journey to Edupreneurship #3: The Six Month Success Sprint”

How I Made $25 in Only 6 Months!

Most of the articles I read detail how people made millions in absurdly fast periods of time. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of the “get rich quick” stories. They don’t fit my experience in the slightest. I figure it’s time for more honest articles that show the reality of entrepreneurship¬†(orContinue reading “How I Made $25 in Only 6 Months!”