32 Self Care Strategies for Teachers

Any teacher training on self care strategies tends to have the same result. A few people take notes and pay attention. The majority, however, shake their heads and wonder why they have to waste time they don’t have on things they don’t have time to do. Unfortunately, the teaching profession is only adding more stressors.Continue reading “32 Self Care Strategies for Teachers”

Problem Spotting vs. Problem Solving

Problem solving is a highly sought after skill in business and life. If you are in the field of education, it is vital to your success. Having been a teacher for 8 years including a pandemic year, I know the importance of problem solving to our daily tasks. It is not an easy skill toContinue reading “Problem Spotting vs. Problem Solving”

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivation does not come easy! For the average person, it comes and goes at random and seemingly without explanation. Therefore, being able to motivate yourself at will is kind of like a superpower. The thing about motivation is that it is like any other mindset skill. It requires consistent practice and discipline to foster growth.Continue reading “5 Ways to Motivate Yourself”

Feelings Are Stupid

Feelings betray us all the time. “I don’t want to go to the gym… I need to do this paper but don’t feel like it right now… I’ll clean up in the morning…” The phrases are endless, but they all expose the power of feelings. Any time you talk about the way you feel towardsContinue reading “Feelings Are Stupid”

Optimism in 7 Steps

Optimism is a difference maker. An optimistic viewpoint allows you to make the most of every situation. It’s a provider of hope and a button presser for motivation. All of us are predisposed to either lean towards optimism or pessimism. However, optimistic tendencies can be practiced and mastered. If you want to produce a moreContinue reading “Optimism in 7 Steps”

Active Rest on a Break

Active rest is a term I first heard in the gym. I didn’t know how well it would apply to teaching when I first learned it. However, active rest became a game changer every winter break, spring break, or summer break that I took. In the gym, the idea of active rest is to recoverContinue reading “Active Rest on a Break”

Building A Teacher Mindset: Gratitude

What would the perfect teacher mindset look like? If you could build a teacher from scratch, what should be included? This blog series will examine & dive deeply into the mindset that brings the most success and joy into the life of a teacher. Today’s mindset element is gratitude! Gratitude is a difficult topic toContinue reading “Building A Teacher Mindset: Gratitude”

A college failout turned Ph.D. Mindset

I was a terror in high school. Teachers would wait with eyes rolled in anticipation of the excuses I would make when work was due. I was horribly inconsistent with attendance, classwork, tests, or any other academic task. I had no motivation to try my best or excel in any area, so I decided toContinue reading “A college failout turned Ph.D. Mindset”

3 Tips for Teachers After a Break

Ever take a holiday break, then come back to work feeling even worse? It’s more common than you might think for teachers. Nothing will remind you of all of the factors of your job that burn you out, more than not having to deal with them for a week or a few days. The breakContinue reading “3 Tips for Teachers After a Break”

5 Tips to Maximize Success as a Teacher

We all know this profession is not easy peasy lemon squeezy like folks outside of education suggest. But even if it is difficult difficult lemon difficult, there are still things we can do to maximize our success. Here are 5 tips to ensure you get the most out of your teaching day, every day! 1)Continue reading “5 Tips to Maximize Success as a Teacher”

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