Double Up Your Side Hustle

Having a business or side hustle can be lonely and intimidating at times. Many of us find ourselves looking for a win, any win, to give us momentum to keep going. When I first started, that’s how I felt often. I would need one sale, one phone call, or one acceptance to present at aContinue reading “Double Up Your Side Hustle”

3 Lessons from Small Business Saturday

3 years ago, I was able to celebrate Small Business Saturday for the first time as a participant. Academic Mindset was new and super small, but we were ready to move forward. The lessons I learned from my first Small Business Saturday still stick with me today. 1) Be Bold I was so afraid toContinue reading “3 Lessons from Small Business Saturday”

Analysis Paralysis – Are You Stuck at the Start?

The start is the stop for most. That’s why I always recommend coaching, mentorship, and other products like this that will help entrepreneurs dive into action. But why do we get stuck? How can we have so many great side hustle ideas and so little action behind it. Enter Analysis Paralysis Anyone who has startedContinue reading “Analysis Paralysis – Are You Stuck at the Start?”

The Value of an E-Book

I started playing with the new Canva presentation feature and it is loaded with awesome options! To give it a real test, I’m using it to create a free training on creating E-books. I’ll give you some valuable information here, but make sure you join the EduCashIn facebook group to see the full training! E-booksContinue reading “The Value of an E-Book”

2 Reasons Why Indecisiveness is Destroying Your Side Hustle

Why do so many talk about side hustles without ever doing it? How come so many side hustles fade out of existence even with talented, passionate educators? The answer is simple. A lack of decisiveness. “The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who could not make a decision.” The opposite of decisiveness isContinue reading “2 Reasons Why Indecisiveness is Destroying Your Side Hustle”

The Journey to Edupreneurship #4: My First BIG Sale

In the last blog post, I detailed how Anala and I made a “six month success sprint.” We were able to start from scratch and create an entire curriculum, e-book, and coaching program while balancing the many responsibilities we had in our life. In that time, we were trying to think long term in buildingContinue reading “The Journey to Edupreneurship #4: My First BIG Sale”

The Journey to Edupreneurship #3: The Six Month Success Sprint

In the last post in this series, I detailed the events that led to my wife and I becoming the directors of Academic Mindset. After many failures in building a sustainable side hustle, I had finally found the path to a real opportunity. I had no idea where that path would lead me, but IContinue reading “The Journey to Edupreneurship #3: The Six Month Success Sprint”

How I Made $25 in Only 6 Months!

Most of the articles I read detail how people made millions in absurdly fast periods of time. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of the “get rich quick” stories. They don’t fit my experience in the slightest. I figure it’s time for more honest articles that show the reality of entrepreneurship (orContinue reading “How I Made $25 in Only 6 Months!”