Teaching with Think-Alouds

I am always up to try a new teaching strategy. However, I tested the think aloud strategy completely on accident! I had heard the strategy before, but it really came to life in this one situation… I was in the middle of teaching a short story, when administration walked into my room with a brandContinue reading “Teaching with Think-Alouds”

The Starting Point of Burnout

Burnout is the hot topic in education right now! (sorry for the bad pun, I can never help myself) It is commonly mentioned alongside symptoms like exhaustion, isolation, or depression. None of these are the starting point of burnout, however. When an educator begins to feel that exhaustion and the mental drain of overwork, itContinue reading “The Starting Point of Burnout”

Student Choice Leads to…

As a new teacher, I was nervous about giving too much choice to students. I had way too many mentors and more experienced teachers tell me to be the dictator of my class, allow no choice, and demand their compliance. I didn’t believe in that methodology, but the idea of giving classroom power to studentsContinue reading “Student Choice Leads to…”