You Yell You Lose

You spend all day answering emails from parents, filling out pointless data from administrators, and pulling extra unpaid duties to keep the school running. Then, it happens. A student tries you. Under the pressure of everything that needs to get done, nobody is paying attention. The whole class doesn’t care about the lesson or anyContinue reading “You Yell You Lose”

Know Your Customer Experience

How well do you know your customer experience? Can you tap into their lived experience, needs, and hopes? Do you have a deep understanding of the role your product plays in their life? Often, salespeople are entirely focused on the product they hope to sell. They memorize the selling points, comparisons to competitors, and priceContinue reading “Know Your Customer Experience”


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We are Drs. Anala and Kevin Leichtman! Posts in this blog may come from either of us. We are both educators with PhD’s in Curriculum & Instruction from Florida Atlantic University. Anala has made her mark at the college level, as a professor of undergraduate and graduate courses. Kevin has spent his time in education teaching each grade level from 7-12. Our goal is to empower educators to empower students. We hope our experiences prove useful to your journey in education!

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