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SEL: Moving Beyond the Buzzword

*This post inspired by the #ICTE2020 conference. I hope to see you live (my presentation has the same title) and look forward to sharing more thoughts about SEL. For conference freebies, including free SEL curriculum samples, click here!* What does the acronym SEL mean to you? Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has, like many other terms,… Read More »SEL: Moving Beyond the Buzzword

Today’s Teacher Mindset

Today’s teacher mindset is broken. Too many people push too much onto teachers. Unfortunately, this leads to a variety of voices in every teacher’s ear, shouting a negative mindset into reality. How can educators bring an empowering mindset into a forceful system of negativity? This post is meant to give you a starting point. Teachers… Read More »Today’s Teacher Mindset

Your Side Hustle Standards of Excellence

Have you set side hustle standards of excellence? It may seem like a silly question. You may be thinking, “who cares? It’s just a side hustle.” However, one thing is for certain. Mindset plays a heavy role in the success of your side hustle (just like anything else). A great way to leverage that entrepreneurial… Read More »Your Side Hustle Standards of Excellence


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