The Journey to Edupreneurship #4: My First BIG Sale

In the last blog post, I detailed how Anala and I made a “six month success sprint.” We were able to start from scratch and create an entire curriculum, e-book, and coaching program while balancing the many responsibilities we had in our life. In that time, we were trying to think long term in buildingContinue reading “The Journey to Edupreneurship #4: My First BIG Sale”


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We are Drs. Anala and Kevin Leichtman! Posts in this blog may come from either of us. We are both educators with PhD’s in Curriculum & Instruction from Florida Atlantic University. Anala has made her mark at the college level, as a professor of undergraduate and graduate courses. Kevin has spent his time in education teaching each grade level from 7-12. Our goal is to empower educators to empower students. We hope our experiences prove useful to your journey in education!

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