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Meet the Team

Anala Leichtman, Ph.D.

Anala Leichtman completed her Master of Education degree in Education Leadership at Florida Atlantic University. She then went on to complete her doctoral degree in Curriculum & Instruction. Her dissertation was about teachers’ experiences developing curriculum in English/Language Arts classrooms while working in a high stakes testing environment.

Anala has spent the last 8 years as an adjunct professor, teaching global education and college composition courses to undergraduate and graduate students. Along with her dissertation, she has been published in the Multicultural Education Review journal. She co-wrote “Teacher’s Guide to the Mental Edge.”

Kevin Leichtman, Ph.D.

Kevin Leichtman received his Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from Florida Atlantic University, where he also completed a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction. His dissertation study was on new teacher burnout. His research has been published in a textbook on andragogy and pedagogy, and he is the author of “Teacher’s Guide to the Mental Edge” and his upcoming book, “The Perfect Ten: Ten Students, Ten Mindsets, One New Definition of Perfect.”

Kevin is also an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University, teaching equity and diversity courses to education majors. Kevin has developed curriculum, professional development, and presented on the topics of mindset, burnout, and equity to teachers, schools, and students across the nation.

Our Vision

TLC Educate is an independent consulting firm run by teachers and inspired by their journeys. We strive to empower teachers’ voices in their classrooms, curriculum, and professional development by providing equitable and diverse solutions that contribute to their personal and professional growth.

Our mission is to develop and share resources with educators that consider teachers’ experiences to address the needs in their classrooms as well as achieve their curricular goals. Together, we will work toward our vision of affecting meaningful changes in the world one student and one teacher at a time!