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Who Is On Your Side Hustle Team?

A side hustle team may sound counterintuitive if you are just starting off. Why would you want a team? If you are anything like me, you had these thoughts about business right from the beginning:

  • What if somebody steals my idea?
  • How will I deal if they take my audience or make me look bad in front of them?
  • What happens if my ideas aren’t good enough and they judge me?
  • What will I do if they can execute on the plan better than I can?

So let me clarify a bit… When I say Side Hustle Team, I’m not referring to staff that you pay to work for your business. I’m simply speaking of a group of people who you trust, who have experience in the field, and who are willing to bounce ideas and brainstorms back and forth as you pursue your side hustle goals.

First, let’s get rid of the what ifs and then we can discuss the power of a team. If you have honest, candid discussions with other entrepreneurs about your idea, what is the worst that happens? Are there mega-evil people out there who will trick you and steal your idea, plan, or audience? Yeah, probably. Does it matter? Absolutely not.

Your success in the business world does not depend on your fabulous idea. Know what it needs? You! It needs your personality, character, vision, and most importantly, ability to execute on the idea. If 8 people steal your idea and pitch it to your audience, you should still be able to stay on course, execute, and win with your idea. The only real competition that matters is you vs. you.

Why Make a Side Hustle Team?

A team is empowering. A group of people gives you collective strength that you simply cannot produce on your own. While it may seem intimidating, it will fast forward your progress and key you in to your individual blind spots.

Let’s consider this example. Say you want to begin a tutoring company in your local area. You have never done this before and you need to consider a marketing strategy and a pricing structure. What do you do if you’ve never done it before?

Most would say, check the big companies. Go to Sylvan, Huntington, and other similar programs and see what they charge and how they market. This idea is a start, but it is a failing plan. Here’s why…

Big box programs operate under a different context. Their pricing is structured to handle the expense of owning a building and many employees. Even their marketing strategy is different, set for selling the program and not the individual delivering the program. You as a solo entrepreneur cannot replicate a large company’s strategy. If you try, you will be eaten alive by the company who has the staff and budget to out-do you at every turn.

Your advantage then, becomes the fact that you are the face of your business. Which also means that your learning and expertise needs to come from people like you. Want to dip into the tutoring market with real success? Talk to 8 people who have done it in other cities. What did they charge? How did they take market share from the big box companies? In what ways did they position themselves for success?

How Do You Find A Team?

At this point, you may be nodding your head but still hesitant. It’s a good idea, but who do I trust?

Step 1 is to realize and truly believe that you do NOT win when somebody else loses. If you believe you are in competition with everybody, you can trust nobody. There is space in this world for all who are interested to successfully run a business. You will not win by hurting others. You win by being great.

Once you are ready to embody that attitude, now it’s time to find your team. There are several ways I have aligned myself to others to get help in my own work. It’s important to note that I also help them wherever possible. The idea is, we all win together so let’s amplify each other’s work. Here are some tried and true methods:

Assemble A Team By…

  1. Joining a Mastermind – It is expensive in some cases (which is why I made an affordable, powerful alternative for entrepreneurs here) but it can be powerful. Joining a mastermind typically gives you an established entrepreneur along with a group of peers all motivated to see everyone succeed. Your investment guarantees that they will care about you and work for your success.
  2. Joining a Social Group – Find networks related to what you need to know. I wanted to know more about teachers who have side hustles, so I joined this facebook group. I occasionally search Twitter for #edupreneur or #sidehustle to see what conversations are happening. Find likeminded people and participate!
  3. Networking – Who is on your level? Find them and support them. Instruct them on how they can support you. Make it easy for your circle to expand. For instance, I have the honor of being published by a fantastic book publishing company, EduMatch. Being a part of that, I often share, read, buy, and review the work of other authors published by them. Why? It helps me to find my team and support the teams that have included me.
  4. Reaching Out Personally – There are many entrepreneurs that I learn from regularly. How did I get in a position to learn from them? Really simple… I asked. Whatever your fear is, it is lying to you. Reach out to people, send DM’s and emails, and actively work to become a part of the teams you want to be on. Stop waiting for people to scoop you up. Go take action to join the side hustle teams that you believe are effective.

It is time to find your team. Get your trusted side hustlers together and work towards the betterment of the group. Lean on each other’s strengths to empower your individual projects. You can do this!

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