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Your Side Hustle Standards of Excellence

Have you set side hustle standards of excellence? It may seem like a silly question. You may be thinking, “who cares? It’s just a side hustle.

However, one thing is for certain. Mindset plays a heavy role in the success of your side hustle (just like anything else). A great way to leverage that entrepreneurial mindset is to create standards that you must rise to on a daily basis.

Standards of excellence allow you to clearly see the level that you wish to rise to. By setting clear, obtainable actions, you will be able to ensure that you maximize the time, energy, and effort you spend on building a profitable side hustle.

Standards for Every Stream of Income

When side hustles are mentioned, people often mention “streams of income.” The goal, they state, is to have money coming in from multiple sources at all times.

I would argue that it is more important to create your side hustle standards of excellence that apply to any stream of income. Whether you have 1 or 21 avenues of income, they should be done with a certain level of quality.

Therefore, this message applies to you whether you are selling makeup, participating in coaching/tutoring, dropshipping, or engaging in any form of side income.

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Setting the Side Hustle Standards

Categorize your side hustle to create your standards. With each item, think of how you will ideally perform. What lasting impression will your effort give?

Use these guiding questions to help as you set your own standards of excellence. Apply it to each side hustle you engage in for maximum results!

  1. What are the basic expectations that customers can rely on you to meet?
  2. How will you test and vouch for the quality of your products/services?
  3. What can vendors/suppliers count on when working with you or partnering with you?
  4. How will your daily personal life, habits, and routines support the growth you hope to see?
  5. Who will you be accountable to in maintaining excellence with your side hustle?
  6. What will you do that separates you from an average side hustle in the same field?
  7. If someone else followed your side hustle standards of excellence, would they succeed?

That last question is vital. Your standards should be a blueprint for success! If anyone picked up your standards and lived them out, would they win? If the answer is yes, you have likely picked some powerful standards!

Do not accept a mediocre side hustle. Do everything with excellence and prepare yourself for greater success. I believe in your ability to create something special!

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