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The Burnout Cycle

Have you heard of the burnout cycle? Are you stuck in it? Let’s navigate through burnout, why it moves in a cycle, and how to stop it!

The Leichtman Burnout Cycle (Leichtman, 2019)

There are 4 steps involved in the burnout process.

  1. Passionate commitment to your career
  2. Overworking and not receiving results
  3. Cynicism
  4. Total exhaustion, breaking point

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Why Does Burnout Cycle?

Many believe that burnout just comes and goes, seemingly at random. However, the research shows that burnout progresses quietly and often has undetectable symptoms until you reach extreme levels of it.

So how does it keep you in a continual loop? The first step is the answer to the riddle of burnout. It is a simple truth but one that is mostly overlooked.

If you are passionate about something, you are in the first stage of burnout.

We don’t think about it until we feel exhausted or overwhelmed. But the beginning of your burnout is always at the start of your passion. Think about it… Do you get burned out from things you don’t care about?

No! You either lower your expectations and effort, or you stop doing it.

Burnout can only strike your passion points. It’s why people who love playing music put down their instruments and can’t seem to pick them back up. It’s even why relationships full of passion fizzle out. In career terms, it’s why you may grow to despise your dream job!

Busting Your Burnout

How do we counter a problem that specifically seeks out our passions? It may seem like an impossible enemy to defeat.

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Your best defense begins with the understanding that your passions are under attack. Knowing that, you can take measures to protect yourself. There are countless methods of protection available to you. Consider this list:

  • Better sleep = better energy to fight burnout
  • More passions and hobbies = less temptation to overwork on one specific passion or job
  • Trusted mentorship = a knowledgeable voice to guide you through burnout recovery
  • Self-Efficacy = confidence that you are contributing and achieving well in your passion
  • More exercise and nutrition = a stronger base to avoid physical symptoms and a lack of energy
  • Accountability = relationships that you can count on to avoid isolation
  • Positive coping mechanisms = a way to wind down from stressful situations that will not hurt you later

You can also make use of the 32 self care strategies we posted to further bulletproof yourself from burnout!

Putting it Together

Burnout occurs in a cycle. The cycle begins when you are passionate about something.

Protect your passions! They will become a source of your burnout if left unchecked.

If you already feel burned out, it won’t go away eventually. You are in a cycle and you need to work against that cycle before it spins you harder and faster.

We wish health and wellness to all who read this!

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