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Your Side Hustle Sales Pitch

What is your side hustle sales pitch? Most of us have certain lines or bullet points that stick in our head. When our side hustle comes up in conversation, we rattle off those points with pride.

Most side hustlers have those talking points memorized, but few are intentional about it. That’s because sales pitches are difficult! It is not like marketing or branding, where you know your audience and can communicate back and forth.

A pitch can be random. It may be placed on your website’s sales page. You could find that an opportunity pops up in a chance meeting with a stranger at a conference. It may even be a formal pitch, given to a grant committee, school board, or organization entity.

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The point of a pitch is that you must be willing to shoot your shot, and ready to fire at any time to anyone. That general need makes pitches complex and often leads to overthinking. Let’s break it down to a more simple form.

Pitch Breakdown

There are several elements you want to address in a pitch. This is not an exhaustive list but it should get you moving forward as you consider your side hustle sales pitch. Craft your wording and points of emphasis to meet the following needs:

  • Address customer pain points
  • Explain benefits of your product or service in detail
  • Justify cost and value
  • Offer testimonials and social proof
  • Clearly position your product or service in terms of the need or problem
  • Provide your experience, accolades, or other reasons for customers to trust you
  • Create a customer experience that is understandable and relatable

I have seen great sales pitches that include only one or several of the mentioned items. There are phenomenal pitches that incorporate even more elements. Do not overcomplicate by thinking you will win if you can check all off the items off this list.

Instead, think about the message you can best convey about your product or service. What points can you highlight most effectively and most clearly? Understand who you serve and how you can show that service best.

Boost Your Side Hustle Sales

Once you have your pitch figured out, it’s time to vary it for context. The right pitch in the wrong location will lead to nothing. Even worse, it may have you doubting an otherwise excellent sales copy that you worked hard to create.

Here is my simple method for varying my pitch. I come up with a basic list of selling points, things I’m proud about with this product/service, and points of relatability with my customers. Then, I begin writing and rewriting for the following circumstances…

  • 4-5 1 sentence pitches
  • 2-3 pitches the length of a twitter post
  • 1-2 long form pitches of multiple paragraphs (good for FB, IG, or written proposals)
  • 1-2 30 second or less speaking pitch
  • 1 presentation length pitch (30 mins – 1 hour)
  • 3-5 short video pitches

Do not feel the need to do that all at once. However, it will fuel your side hustle sales if you have a variety of ways to express your pitch. Have a focus and follow it with creativity and context.

The worst thing that can possibly happen with your pitch is that you need to refine it and test it further. If it isn’t perfect, find feedback and keep moving in a forward direction. Nothing can stop you but you!

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