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Big Goals Break Your Side Hustle

I want to make a million dollars” just may be the most common goal among new entrepreneurs. Whether you are new to the side hustle space, or you’ve been at it for years, big goals are talked about often.

There is a trend among the driven and motivated to set big goals. Then, we declare it to the world in an effort to speak it into existence. Many times, that is the last the world hears about that goal.

The Problem with Big Goals

We shout our future success into the world and usually tie it to phrases like manifesting, or vision boarding. What happens from there to the point where that goal vanishes?

Usually, it has to do with the pressure and overwhelm. When our goal is years away, consuming, and feels somewhat unrealistic, it is very difficult to convince yourself that it can happen. You push yourself harder and harder, only to feel like your goal is even further away.

We are always taught to chase after big dreams, but rarely talk about the daily process of living up to that dream. This is true in business. If your side hustle goals sound huge, you are running the risk of giving up on it.

The Fix

How do we navigate these big goals? Do we short change ourselves and set less ambitious goals? Not at all!

The fix comes from a daily action plan. You need to be able to hold yourself accountable to daily habits and routines that, if followed, will lead you to your desired result.

Let’s take the millionaire goal as an example. If you are starting at $0 and want to be a millionaire, that goal can seem overwhelming. (This can help) But there are daily actions you can commit to, ensuring that you position yourself to reach it. On a daily basis, you could:

  • Save at least $1 every day (build a habit of saving)
  • Learn and practice a marketable online skill
  • Read, listen to, and study from millionaires
  • Review news on the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and other investment areas of interest
  • Exercise, eat healthy, and sleep to increase energy and reduce days off of work
  • Engage in mindset training, therapy, or mental exercises to stay sharp and mentally healthy
  • Network and help your peers reach their first million

These are seven habits out of a million worthy choices. The point is, they are daily. You can measure your progress and determine if you are getting closer or further from your goal every day.

Keep setting your big goals. But once they are set, focus your time and energy on your daily actions. That will guarantee your success, or seal your defeat.

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