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3 Resolutions for Your Side Hustle

Every year, we discuss the dangers of resolutions. (Read more about that here) Haphazardly setting resolutions will often lead to a crash. However, if you are to set some goals for the new year, these 3 items will skyrocket your side hustle.

As you read through this list, make it a reality. Create a plan for how to implement each item. A dream with no plan is just an empty wish. Make this the year that your reality matches your ambition!

1. Try Something New

You will never know what your side hustle needs if you don’t add anything new to it. What can you classify as something new? Consider the role of your product development, marketing, sales, branding, and social growth. For each element of your side hustle, what can you add?

Throughout the year, you will always be limited by the resources you have at your disposal. That proves the importance of adding new elements to your side hustle. Your new additions do not need to be large financial investments. Think instead of the following:

  • Creating content on a new social media platform
  • Collaborating with someone you haven’t connected with yet
  • Writing a new sales pitch or marketing from a different perspective
  • Setting up a new teaser or sample to your paid product
  • Starting a vlog or podcast to give a new experience to your audience
  • Making a new logo or catchphrase to expand your branding

There are countless ideas to consider. Make time this year in your resolutions to create something new!

2. Improve on Something Old in Your Resolutions

As you add something new to your side hustle, don’t forget the things that already work for you. If you have been at it for more than a minute, you should be noticing some of your strengths. You have skill and talent!

Analyze your strengths and then make them “freaky good.” Did you have a solid marketing plan? Make it bigger! Have you developed outstanding content? Keep creating!

Do not settle on your current skill level this year. Instead, produce larger results by emphasizing and growing on your side hustle strengths. Keep tweaking until your work reaches a new level.

3. Invest in Your Personal Growth

From reading, to listening to podcasts, to taking helpful courses with mentorship & support, personal growth is essential to business growth. Do your resolutions include the upgrading of a skill or concept?

In the past, I’ve done many things to invest in my own growth. I think of each year as an opportunity to add to my skillset in the continued pursuit of my passions.

For your resolutions, what can you add to your repertoire? Your next level may be waiting for you to learn one new thing. You certainly will not achieve more with stagnancy.

However you approach it, I want you to have the best year of your life. That goes for your personal life, relationships, AND business success. Apply these 3 resolutions and see where your side hustle can take you. One year of consistent, planned effort, can give you 3 years worth of positive results!

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