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Optimism in 7 Steps

Optimism is a difference maker. An optimistic viewpoint allows you to make the most of every situation. It’s a provider of hope and a button presser for motivation.

All of us are predisposed to either lean towards optimism or pessimism. However, optimistic tendencies can be practiced and mastered. If you want to produce a more optimistic viewpoint on a more consistent basis, all it takes is work. Here are some practices that you can start today!

Build Optimism With These 7 Steps

  1. Argue for yourself – Become your own lawyer in your head. You must practice arguing for why things should work out. Defend your success. Many of us remain pessimistic because we assume that it won’t work out for us or worse yet, we don’t deserve for it to work out. Get used to defending yourself from your negative self-talk.
  2. Realize pessimism and planning are not connected – You can plan for a worst case scenario without it being a pessimistic activity. You can remain hopeful and believe in a positive result, while simultaneously planning for things to go wrong. Do not tie your planning to your mindset. Be thorough, but optimistic.
  3. Reflect on past successes – It’s not enough to remember that things work out occasionally. Rather, you need a detail-oriented perspective on moments that gave you reason to feel optimistic. Write out narratives to remind you of those moments. Be specific with the feelings and emotions you had, the results that made you proud, and the reactions of your loved ones.
  4. Forgive past failuresMuch of our pessimism stems from our want to protect ourselves from failure. Therefore, we have to confront (and accept) our past mistakes. Do not blow this off! If you are not able to forgive the moments that you felt like a failure in the past, you will constantly be protecting yourself from repeating those moments in the future. That will naturally lead to a pessimistic world view.
  5. Have a why for your optimismWhy do you want to feel more optimistic? If you do not have a clear answer for that, you will constantly struggle to feel it. Be clear on your purpose here. What will a positive perspective allow you to do or improve on? Who or what do you want to benefit as a result? Why is it worth practicing and improving?
  6. Surround yourself with optimistic voices – Your friend group can make a huge impact on your mindset. It is difficult to build an optimistic perspective with naysayers in your ear at all times. Foster relationships that support your growth. Spend time and energy in developing positive relationships with positive people.
  7. Start small – If you have trouble with optimism, you might not want to begin by applying it to your world’s biggest goal. Start with small tasks that can be completed in a day. (Example: I will wake up on my first alarm and do an extra productive task in the morning) Pile up small wins, where you can see your optimistic views paying off immediately.

    Bonus: Read, listen to, and watch stories that inspire hope and optimism, like this!

Make it Happen!

This advice only helps if you apply it. Practice building the mindset that you hope for every day. You can accomplish only what you believe you can do.

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