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Side Hustle Teacher Gifts

Happy holidays to all my side hustle teacher friends! This post is meant to help you with a quick, but vital reflection on your work this past year and your plan for the coming year.

What gifts are you giving with your service?

Your immediate thought might be… “Gifts? This isn’t a charity, it’s a business!” You might be in a panic, thinking “Oh no, have I given enough? Should I give all of my stuff away for free.” (P.S. Here’s a freebie as a thanks from me to you!)

Don’t worry, you are off the hook no matter what you thought. I’m not talking about gifts in that way. I know some businesses give extraordinary amounts of free material while others keep their work under lock and key. But that is not the gift we need to consider.

What gifts are you giving with your service?

What is in a gift?

Gifts can be thought of as the ways in which the world benefits from your existence. What is available to people, simply because you are here and doing the work you are doing?

We often think of gifts as materials, just stuff that is wrapped and given for free. However, the real gift is the value that you bring to the table. Think about it… When you give a friend a present, what are you really giving them? You’re giving them love, thoughtfulness, attention to their interests, support, and kindness. Those are the gifts. The present is just the physical representation of that.

Your Side Hustle Gift

So, side hustle teacher, what gift are you giving? I am really asking you this question: What value are you providing to others? Whether somebody pays for all of your products or they simply follow you on social media, quietly watching your work, what gift are you giving them?

An awareness of your gifts becomes the foundation of your business growth. Your gifts may come in the way of specific skills that make people’s lives easier. It may be the way that you serve your audience with excellent service and a loving demeanor. It could be simply the way in which you instruct people and help them grow.

Whatever it is, be incredibly aware of who you are and what gifts you bring through your side hustle. It will shape your business identity and create the maximum impact on your network.

If you have read this far, you have gifted me with your support and encouragement. I am so blessed to have your readership and I’m very grateful for all you do to help TLC Educate grow. If you found this helpful, please share this post within your network!

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