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5 Teacher Side Hustles to Cash in on Break

Teacher side hustles are more common today than ever before. Whether you’ve been side hustling for a long time, or you are just thinking about getting started, breaks are a fantastic time to create and market your offerings.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t rest. Breaks are important for your recovery during a stressful teaching year. However, if you have the energy, a break can propel your side hustle goals.

During the school year, I would allow my side hustles to run themselves, contributing only what I could in my limited time. I loved using breaks to produce new content, new avenues of income, or business shifts that gave me better long term success.

If you are like me and want to take some time during your break to cash in on your skills, here are some ideas to work on.

The List: 5 Teacher Side Hustles

  1. E-Books
    Now is an excellent time to set up your own e-book. Think of a topic you are knowledgeable about that may be a problem to someone else. In 10-40 pages, create an intriguing and graphic rich breakdown of that topic.

    You can distribute it yourself by e-mailing pdf’s to people who pay you on Paypal, Venmo, etc., or if you have your own website, you can have them pay to automatically unlock the download. Want to go deeper? Put it on Amazon KDP!
  2. Worksheets
    I have been outspoken in saying that I am not a fan of Teachers Pay Teachers. While the idea is extraordinary, the site is full of plagiarism and harmful practices which are left unchecked. On top of that, a large problem for beginners is that sales do not come easy on that type of platform. You either need a large following to start with, or advertising dollars.

    That does not mean that it’s a bad idea to sell lesson plans, unit plans, and particularly interesting worksheets that you have created. You can take control of that process yourself. Offer free samples on social media and charge to unlock the full unit. Get used to the process of marketing, provide value, and create some initial sales on the hard work you have already put in to creating excellent resources.
  3. Coaching
    Coaching has been one of the most productive endeavors in my teacher side hustle career. I do live 1-1 coaching with students on mindset and asynchronous coaching with teachers who are beginning their side hustles. It gives me the fulfilment of providing real, sustainable value in people’s lives, and also provides a value offering that others find worth investing in.

    As an educator, you are already comfortable with pedagogy. You know how to motivate your learners and help them reach their educational goals. Apply that to a coaching model. Take a skill that you have experience in and provide coaching. Want to create a high ticket item? Do weekly 1-1 coaching at a premium rate. Want a low ticket, less pressure item? Make a monthly group coaching call at a low price. These are just examples, but the opportunities are limitless!
  4. Guest Blogging
    Depending on where you post, guest blogging can have the dual benefit of giving you a payment for your work AND gaining exposure in your field. (I talk more about that here: Double Up Your Side Hustle)

    Many large companies, whether they are educational foundations or specific trade magazines, will pay guest bloggers for their work. Think about the companies you follow that produce articles regularly. If you notice one that suits your style and you feel like you can contribute, look up their guest posting policies.

    Blog posts can be completed quickly and are a great addition to your side hustle! Here’s an example of one that I did for the outstanding educational foundation, Edutopia!
  5. Tutoring
    Tutoring is likely the most common side hustle that teachers engage in. It’s easy to set up, has zero start up cost, and can be done with materials and training that you already have.

    A break is a perfect time to set up your tutoring business. Get on local Facebook groups, reach out to parents who you are close with, and figure out other marketing strategies to let people know what you are about. Begin setting up clients, establish your pricing, and start accelerating your tutoring side hustle.

It’s all in the Action

Any of these five ideas can supplement your income. If you are an educator, you are certainly capable of applying any of these. The key is in the action. Will you read this and think it’s a good idea, but leave it at that? Or will you execute on the idea!

Reach out to me on social media @kevinleichtman if you need a nudge. I’m happy to help, but it’s ultimately up to you to make these ideas a reality. Wishing the best for you and your teacher side hustles!

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