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New Years Resolutions For Side Hustles

I don’t have an actual stat on this, but it seems like thousands of side hustles are started on January 1st of every year. This is especially true among teachers. It’s so common to hear, “this is the year I take control of my finances!” Whether it is to start a new side hustle, or to add something new to your current one, New Years resolutions may be hurting you.

The problem with New Years Resolutions

Just like any other resolution, we put a ton of pressure on ourselves to see a better result or a significant gain at the start of a year. Pressure is not necessarily bad (it creates diamonds or any other cliché you want to fill in) but it does create a problem.

In seeking a better result for your side hustle, the measurable is money. So regardless of what your resolution is, the dollars and cents are the drivers of that pressure.

For those of you who truly want to build a passive income, or create a foundation for a growing business, chasing quick dollars is antithetical to your growth! It will have you chasing sales instead of relationships. It will deny you opportunities to learn in favor of quick chances to cash in.

The cycle begins to look like this: you make a resolution to start or grow your side hustle, you spend all of January trying to make any sale you can, then you burn out by February because you’ve spent a month cold calling/emailing people, dealing with rejection, and feeling way too “salesy.”

By March, many are done with their side hustles and have written it off as a wasted endeavor. Ouch!

Side Hustle Success

How can we flip this narrative and set ourselves up for success in the new year? Let’s try this list!

  1. Do not attach a number or level of achievement to any resolutions about business.
  2. Reflect on what you enjoy or are excited about in terms of your side hustle.
  3. Start BEFORE the new year. Don’t place 2022 on a pedestal. Get moving on your goal today!
  4. Be an obstacle remover and plan for how you can overcome the things that will be in the way of your resolutions.
  5. Have a purpose deeper than “I want more money” and be clear with how you will act on that purpose.
  6. Make learning, mentorship, and growth a part of your resolution so you know that you are gaining transferable skills throughout the year.
  7. Tap into and highlight your strengths in your resolutions. Don’t make it about “fixing” your weaknesses.
  8. A side hustle should be a hobby. Put your passion at the center of your resolution, not your income or perceived opportunities.
  9. Become accountable to trusted people in your life for the progress of your resolution, NOT for the result of it. Get people in your corner who will keep you on track, moving forward with your side hustle.
  10. Don’t make a grand gesture. You do not need to get on a microphone, do a tik tok dance, or hop in IG live to tell the world that your will blow your business up and become a millionaire this year. You will get more pleasure, satisfaction, and better results by just doing it. The grand gesture only adds anxiety and contributes nothing positive to your journey.

Resolutions Are Hopes, not Actions

I’m not trying to wage a war on resolutions, but I have seen so many side hustles and businesses crumble shortly after their big resolution announcements.

As always, do what works for you best. I am not here to stop your new year motivational plan. I do urge you however, to be cautious about how you let the idea of a “new year new you” infiltrate the actual hopes and dreams that you have.

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