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Double Up Your Side Hustle

Having a business or side hustle can be lonely and intimidating at times. Many of us find ourselves looking for a win, any win, to give us momentum to keep going.

When I first started, that’s how I felt often. I would need one sale, one phone call, or one acceptance to present at a conference to feel like I was moving forward. (Read here to see how long it took us chasing sales to make our first big sale)

If you are in that boat, your immediate side hustle success is putting your future success in danger! It’s easy to chase after one good lead or one big sale… But it does two things that hurt us.

1) It puts that one thing on a pedestal. If you don’t get that thing you are chasing, you will feel like your side hustle is failing, your product is terrible, and your system is whack. It’s much easier to doubt yourself when you are chasing those quick wins.

2) It leads you to work harder and not smarter. Chasing each win is like a puppy chasing a car. You will exhaust all your energy to get there, and even if you do, what will you do with it?

A Double Up Approach

Here is a simple fix to help you get out of the “chase down every single win I can” approach. Work more efficiently and with less pressure by looking for opportunities to “double up” with your side hustle.

Double up means that you find opportunities that will give you more than one benefit in growing your side hustle. It’s as simple as answering this question: What will the completion of this activity gain me? If you have two or more answers, it is a double up activity.

I spend a majority of my time looking for double up activities and executing on them. Yes, I occasionally chase after single wins and look for that validation still (hey we are all a work in progress). But I allocate almost all of my side hustle time and space to find opportunities that double up. Here’s a list of examples to help you visualize how you can double up:

  • Writing paid guest blogs – You get a paycheck for your work AND you receive exposure from your writing.
  • Presenting at a conference with a book to sell – You get the exposure and academic credit of being a presenter and a strong opportunity to sell books.
  • Being a guest on a podcast – You get the branding of being a trustworthy voice and content you can make clips of for yourself, while also helping another Edupreneur with their content.
  • Creating free content – You get an opportunity to serve and help others quickly, the chance to grow your email list (subscribe to receive this freebie), and the branding of a trustworthy person who seeks to give value. Here is an example.

Making Your Side Hustle Work in Double Time

Those are just a few examples of how I visualize it. Doubling up can look very different for each of us, depending on the type of side hustle and the strengths of the person running it.

I strongly encourage you to take some time and consider the best ways for you to double up. Do not spend all of your time chasing sales. At its very best, it will only give you a short term boost to your finance. At its worst, it will make you untrustworthy and spammy to others.

Instead, find your opportunities to double up. Look for single activities that will give you multiple benefits. Where can you grow your marketing, branding, sales, exposure, networking, value, and/or learning all in one shot?

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