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You Gotta Do IT – A Side Hustle Must…

There is a very simple method to grow your side hustle or business. Whatever your ambition is, you have to do IT.

I – Invest

T – Test

I don’t mean investing or testing in the traditional way… Here’s how the “IT” method works.

InvestInvest in new skills, approaches, collaborations, and methods to grow your side hustle. This doesn’t mean invest money and pour more financial power into it. It is a time investment.

What could benefit you in your side hustle? Would you do better with a stronger education in marketing or branding? Could a lesson in Ed Tech help you make your product more engaging in a digital form? Are there people you have not reached out to who may prove to be a valuable and mutually beneficial collaboration?

There are so many places you can invest time into to round out your skills and experience. Invest in yourself and grow your capacity to grow your business. Most business owners and side hustlers invest all of their time in their daily tasks to keep their business running. Time spent learning and increasing capacity is vital to your future growth!

TestEach skill you learn… Each approach you study… Every collaboration you engage in… You must put it to the test!

I know plenty of Edupreneurs who learn new skills and never apply them. They will say things like “Well I’ve always done it this way,” or “It was interesting to learn but I don’t think I can actually do it.

The fear of applying new techniques can become the reason why none of the investments you make in yourself pay off. At some point, you have to get off the fence and see what you can do!

Every investment you make in yourself should automatically become a test. Ask yourself, “What will happen when I apply this” and then execute on that question. Make it a regular practice to see if you gained a return on your investment.

Only by challenging yourself and breaking your comfort zone will you know what kind of business you can run. This is a simple process that can become a powerful habit.

Invest in yourself. Put each investment to the test and give it real life practice. Then invest more. Then test more.

What new skills have you been learning? Let us know on social media for accountability. Put your skills to the test this week!

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