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3 Quick Tips for a Stronger Mind

When I went from a college failout to a college graduate on the dean’s list, people thought that I had just simply flipped a switch in my mind and changed the kind of student that I was.

The reality was much different. I spent a year of dedicated mindset practice before even attempting to enroll in school again. I changed many of my habits, routines, and even my values. Major work was done mentally to change my outcomes and maximize my potential.

When people ask me how I made the change and what they could do in their own lives, I hesitate to give quick advice. Real change must be lasting and consistent.

However, the start is the stop for most. Not everybody needs years of work like I needed just to get the ball rolling. Some people just need a positive push in the right direction.

If that’s you, here’s your push! 3 things you can do right now to strengthen your mindset.

  1. Affirmations – Think Hourly, Not Daily

With so much science behind affirmations, it’s a wonder we don’t use it more often. Positive affirmations drown your negative thoughts and suffocate your pessimism. It is a silencer of self-doubt and a manifester of your best effort, energy, and attitude.

Affirmations should become like a pop song to you – stuck in your head and constantly creating pleasing noise. Some make it a habit of saying affirmations once at the start of their day. I would recommend saying it, both out loud and in your head, as often as possible. When teaching, I would say affirmations between each class, during breaks, and at the end of the day to constantly reaffirm the qualities that I wanted to possess.

Here are four powerful affirmations to say, courtesy of “Teacher’s Guide to the Mental Edge.

2. Journaling

It’s easy to get in our head about the many flaws we have or the situations that did not go our way throughout the day. It is certainly not a weakness to be aware of the things that pull us down or create doubt and anxiety.

The weakness is where we allow those thoughts to fester and grow within us, unchecked. We end up exhausted from beating ourselves up over the thoughts that build from inside our head.

The fix? Get it on paper! Our thoughts quiet down when we can get it out and see them for what they are. Journaling gives your mind permission to quiet the voices of worry. It won’t make your doubts or fears vanish, but it will put them on display instead of leaving them to subconscious.

3. Learning

Learning is an essential part of our growth, development, and happiness. We often get caught up in the daily grind of life, forgetting to advance our skills and passions.

If you feel like you are in a funk or you feel stagnant, begin a learning routine. Set aside a half hour to an hour per day simply to learn. What’s the topic? Literally anything that brings you curiosity and joy.

Some years, I’ve learned how to build computers and code. Others I spent learning marketing and branding strategies. I’ve dedicated time to learning different weightlifting techniques. It has never mattered what the topic was, as long as it intrigued me and I had an opportunity to grow.

Keep learning and you will find fulfillment and mental strengthening all in one!

I hope this list was a helpful kickstart. There are millions of methods of strengthening your mind. Pick at least one and invite more good into your life!


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