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The $5 Challenge!

Ready for a challenge? This simple exercise is vital to your success in building a side hustle or a business in the education space.

Challenge: Earn $5 in one week, by selling something related to education.

The Rules: Your sale(s) must be related to education. This is not a challenge to sell a fitness / nutrition product, or get somebody to donate, loan, or gift you money. This is an opportunity to create income within your profession that is not tied to your salary.

The Purpose: One of the most difficult things to overcome as an Edupreneur is the ability to ask for money in return for sharing your experience and expertise.

So many educators dream of starting a side hustles but never take it to reality. They have an underlying guilt of charging anything! It is a constant battle when working in a service industry like education.

How many unpaid yes answers have we given as educators? Chaperoning events, taking on extra classes, volunteer coaching, hosting tutoring sessions, on and on and on… This profession has expected us to give free labor for a very long time.

The idea of working unpaid or underpaid is such a powerfully limiting barrier to overcome. That is why this challenge is so crucial to your success. It’s not enough to tell yourself that it is okay to expect and earn money in exchange for your education services. It is necessary to DO IT!

$5 is not an overwhelming challenge, but it will force you to create a sale. That means you need to have a conversation where you actually value yourself and the things you can offer. It also means that you will have those feelings validated by somebody outside of you or your boss, financially.

The How: You can be extremely creative here. The $5 can come from anywhere, as long as it uses your educational skills. Some random ideas:

  • Sell lesson plans/unit plans (works very well if you offer one for free and upcharge for more)
  • Tutoring (online or in the community, just not with your own students as charging them would cause ethics issues)
  • Host a test prep workshop
  • Do an online webinar / professional development (You could literally find 5 teachers willing to pay $1 each to learn from your expertise)
  • Create and sell a poster that explains a concept in your subject area (Many places will sell this, i.e. Zazzle, Etsy, Amazon)
  • Write a short e-book that provides value based on your experience in education

The list could go on for a long, long time. The point is, find something that seems interesting and exciting to you and go for it. Make it happen! Create a sale and put $5 in the bank.

My first sale netted me $15. I can tell you with confidence that it did not change anything about my financial situation. It did however, give me the ability to charge forward and create circumstances that did!

If you want to make a side income but you also want to use your educational skills and expertise, you first have to overcome the fear and guilt of making money in this space.

You deserve it! Believe that your work has worth and that you are allowed to expect a compensation for your work and value. We cannot make positive changes in the world if we cannot support our own lives and families. Take this important step and get yourself 5 well-earned bucks this week!

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