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The Value of an E-Book

I started playing with the new Canva presentation feature and it is loaded with awesome options! To give it a real test, I’m using it to create a free training on creating E-books. I’ll give you some valuable information here, but make sure you join the EduCashIn facebook group to see the full training!

E-books can be a side hustle themselves, or it can be a gateway for your real side hustle… Let me explain!

Method 1: Side Hustle

You can use an e-book as an automated form of income. You can set it up on your website, or sell it manually (through methods like paypal payments and manually emailing your e-book). In this method, you aim to sell your e-book at a premium and provide a ton of value in exchange for a one time payment.

Method 2: Gateway

Your e-book can become a lead magnet, generating e-mails and contact from your audience while also providing them with value. You can create an automated email sequence using a mail service (like Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc.) that will automatically save the emails of people who sign up to receive your e-book. It becomes a trade where you give them value, they give you the opportunity to contact them.

Executing Your Plan

Whichever method you pick, the plan is basically the same. You are creating a book that is meant to be consumed online. This means that you want to create a highly engaging, easy to access and understand form of communication. Plug your expertise into an e-book format and the rest will be up to your marketing efforts!

Here are some look-fors to create an engaging e-book:

  • Content is relevant to your audience and fulfills the promises you made
  • Easy to read, not a ton of jargon or academic words (unless relevant to audience)
  • Graphics, charts, tables, and other eye catchers
  • Shows your expertise and knowledge on the subject
  • Provides ACTIONABLE value to the audience (they have takeaways they can use right now)
  • Simple for them to download and access
  • Does not pitch and attempt to sell other products (this is a stand-alone piece of value)

There are many ways to create and use an e-book. The difference is in what you include and how you value your work. I’ve given e-books away for free and charged up to $24.99 for e-books, depending on the content, time investment, and expertise I provided in problem solving.

This is a great entry to your side hustle repertoire! Start writing and designing your e-book with clarity in purpose, to either create extra income or extra contacts. Begin today, don’t delay!

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