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2 Reasons Why Indecisiveness is Destroying Your Side Hustle

Why do so many talk about side hustles without ever doing it? How come so many side hustles fade out of existence even with talented, passionate educators? The answer is simple. A lack of decisiveness.

“The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who could not make a decision.”

The opposite of decisiveness is doubt, which is why so many side hustle dreams get crushed. When you fail to make a quick decision and stick to it, you also allow doubt to have its say. Here’s a practical example:

Let’s say you sell a worksheet packet for teachers. You decide to post on all of your social media channels to talk about how great your packet is, what subject/class it supports, and why teachers should purchase it.

Decisive: The decision is made, now let me focus on making the message as clear and engaging as possible.

Indecisive: Should I post about this? What will my family think about me selling worksheets? Is it even any good, or are there better worksheets out there? In fact, let me look up my competition so I can see how much better they are. People aren’t going to buy from little old me. I shouldn’t bother posting this.

Did you catch it?

There are two main differences between the decisive and indecisive person.

  1. The decisive person posts. The indecisive person may or may not post, depending on their mood, feeling at the time, level of motivation, etc.
  2. The decisive person immediately made the decision to post. This means that their focus was entirely on making the best post possible. It freed their mind to maximize their skill set. The indecisive person, if they post at all, will post something with less quality because their mental energy was spent on fending off doubt rather than creatively working with their optimism.

This may well not be my best blog post ever. But I can tell you this with confidence. I decided to make the post, and then I wrote. My focus was entirely on the writing, not on wrestling with myself to decide if I should write it or if anyone will care.

There is freedom and liberation in decisiveness. If you don’t give doubt room to breathe, it will die out and leave you with complete control of your creativity and passion.

Whatever you think about in terms of your side hustle, don’t hedge any more. If you want to make a curriculum, decide to make it. If you want to perform coaching, decide to be a coach. If you want to submit a contract bid, choose to submit it. Free your mind of the decision and doubt, so you can refocus on making each move the best move you can make.

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