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Teacher Self-Care

Installing a Culture of Growth Mindset

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What People Are Saying…

“This is AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!! You 100% have hit onto something!! Love your delivery as well. You amazed and enlightened me. I literally was fixated on your PD. Everything you said was so true, but a lot of times we overlook it or don’t focus enough on it and we need it to help our students, as well as ourselves.” 

-Tammy Freeman
2018 Broward County
Teacher of the Year

“We are very happy with your course! My students are always asking if it is a video day! We have had great conversations about each lesson and the students seem to be very engaged in your messages! It has been very easy for me to implement! I thank you for the course and would like to vote for more to be offered. You have quite a rapport with my students. I appreciate your course immensely! Thank you, Coach L!” 

-Sarah Wilborn
High School Teacher

Dr. Leichtman writes about exactly what he knows, and that’s students! This is a must read for all students, educators, and parents. In this one of a kind book, Dr. Leichtman gives a voice to the voiceless and allows his students to be heard.

-Alexis Pillsbury
2018 Latinos in Action
Teacher of the Year